5 Qualities to Look for in an Electrician

Not all electricians are created equal and with more exposure than ever, it can be difficult to cut through the noise to find a good one. That’s why Enginectra reached out to Stuart Los, an electrician from Edmonton and owner of Parkson Electric, with 7 years in the business to get some tips on what makes a good electrician.

1. Punctual: good time management means they’ll be able to schedule correctly and deliver the product on time.

2. Clean: keeping a clean job site when called in for a quote is a good indication they will continue to do so throughout the project.

3. Reasonable price but not too cheap: it’s hard not to lean towards the lowest price you can get. But bad electrical work can cause fires very quickly or other issues for years to come. Get it done right the first time or pay to fix it later.

4. Proper education: be weary of electricians that have not completed an accredited program. Sure, some people can “get by” but safety is number one. You don’t want poor electrical work to harm anyone or the property itself.

5. Good personality: you will be working closely with them so make sure you get along. Electricians can offer complementary design ideas or work with you on meeting code requirements. 

Once you find an electrician that brightens up your next project, be sure to refer your family and friends to them. Positive reviews are still the best way to show your appreciation. If you are having trouble finding an electrician, reach out to us at info@enginectra.com 

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