Teamwork makes the dream work

As a general contractor, you care deeply about safety and assembling the right team for each project. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a collaborative team of trades, all working seamlessly toward one goal.

Where do we fit in? We at Enginectra offer creative engineering solutions at a competitive price to help you win more bids. Our multidisciplinary approach means we can take on your mechanical and electrical requirements in one shot, it also means more accountability and less mistakes. We promise we’ll be there for you, by showing up for on-site visits when you need us and tackling challenges wholeheartedly as they come up. At the end of the day, we’re investing in a long lasting relationship with you. Together, we can build extraordinary things.

The Enginectra Advantage

We Are faster


Our “secret sauce” is having one engineer and two designers per project. The engineer is your day-to-day expert while the two designers take care of your mechanical and electrical drawings. We offer this one-stop-shop approach because mechanical and electrical engineering go hand-in-hand. As a result, we produce drawings faster, we brainstorm ideas faster, and we resolve problems faster. 

We think outside the box to tailor engineering solutions that are optimized for each unique project. We don’t believe in defaulting to the same old solutions because where’s the fun in that? As engineers, we are energized in finding answers to problems and doing it as efficiently as possible. That’s why we stay on top of the latest trends, new products and technologies.


We are problem solvers

We are honest


You need an engineering team that you can trust. If something truly will not work or is not safe, we’ll explain why. But not before we have considered every angle. Many times we’ll find a solution before we ever have to say no. So, go ahead, pick our brains and challenge us.

Quality is always top of mind for our team. Our drawings and solutions ensure everything is done right the first time - saving you time and money. Additionally, our business model is unique.
Our engineers and designers work remotely, only going on-site when you need us. The rest is done online which allows us to save on overhead costs and pass the savings on to you. Win-win.


We offer quality at a good price

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Our clients recommend us and stay with us

What stood out about Enginectra was their ability to troubleshoot quickly and prevent the project from slowing down when issues arised. Their team was nimble, professional and easy to work with - which was important for us for the client. What a successful and seamless project!
Jordan Tetreau
General Contractor
We have worked with Enginectra for one of our design/build projects so far. They were very cooperative and timely with all their deliverables and their team was professional and polite. It was a very positive experience overall!
Kent Chudleigh
General Manager at Armor Building Systems Ltd
Daniel and his team at Enginectra are very easy to deal with and went above and beyond for us. I'm glad we are establishing a growing relationship and will continue to work together!
Mitch Kinequon
CEL Electrical Contractor
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Let’s get started in three easy steps

Proposal submission

When you have a project that requires mechanical and electrical engineering or fire alarm design and verification, simply send us the details. We will turn-around a fee proposal in less than 24 hours. We promise.

the right team for your Project

We take the time to understand your project and needs. Then we match the engineer and designers with the right experience and expertise to your project. It’s not rocket science, but the right team will make a world of a difference. Give us a try.

We deliver as promised

Our services are 100% guaranteed. We pay attention to every detail and adhere to your timelines and budget. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

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