Dawn Da Rosa Center for the Arts
Rosedale, AB (10 mins from Drumheller)
Founder, Dawn Allen was constantly frustrated with the lack of space, money and time she had available to practice her sculpting. She realized this was a common pain point for other artists and what everyone needed was a dedicated space designed with the artists in mind. More than that, Dawn wanted to empower creative minds and help other artists expand their knowledge and abilities in various art mediums. That’s when the idea for Dawn Da Rosa Center for the Arts (DDR) came to life. She found the perfect piece of land in Rosedale, AB, to build her new art center.
~3,000 sqft
Enginectra Services
M&E Designs

The Challenge

Originally, Dawn purchased land in East Coulee but soon realized the site was not the right fit. As fate would have it, Dawn found a better and more perfect piece of land in Rosedale, AB and purchased it. With a specific structure in mind, Dawn found out the cost to build it was much too high. Every builder she spoke to turned the project down and Dawn felt defeated and stuck. Not a person to give up easily, she came up with a new building design that entailed converting a container. The container structure would need to be built off-site and then assembled on-site, to manage the costs. With the structure idea figured out, Dawn needed an engineering partner that would jump on board quickly and help her through the transition to complete the project in a timely manner.

Our Solution

Dawn spent quite some time searching for an engineering team that suited her. Finally Dawn found Enginectra and as soon as she spoke with Daniel, she knew Enginectra was the right team for her project. Firstly, Dawn required an application submission to the town of Rosedale, in order to kick off the building . Enginectra turned around the building permit drawings quickly to meet her deadline. Receiving the town’s approval, Enginectra came back and completed the full M&E designs and even brought in a lighting consultant to help Dawn with her other requirements. The team ensured Dawn had everything she would need to move forward with phase 1 of her project.

Cost savings ~ 35%. Time Savings ~ 50% faster
Enginectra had stellar two-way communication and active listening all while proactively giving advice, which was super critical for me. The team was extremely professional, and a pleasure to work with!
Dawn Allen
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