F45 Legacy
Calgary, Alberta
Owner, Martin Venneri, of F45 Marda Loop wanted to bring Calgarians together through fitness. What he loves most about the F45 method is that it allows people of all fitness levels to train together in the same class. Seeing beginners and athletes sweat, persevere and motivate one another is a community Martin has been proud to be a part of. By opening a second studio in the south end of Calgary, Martin continues to build and shape the fitness community.
2,200 Square Feet
Enginectra Services
Mechanical and electrical designs

The Challenge

When Martin opened his first F45 studio in Marda Loop, Calgary, he hired a designer and a separate firm to handle the mechanical and electrical requirements. Juggling two companies was hectic and this time around, for his second studio Martin decided he would look for a company that could manage both design and M&E.

Our Solution

As fate would have it, our Founder, Daniel happened to be a dedicated member at F45 Marda Loop. When Daniel heard that Martin was building a new studio, Daniel raised a sweaty hand (in between burpees and lunges) to offer Enginectra’s services. Martin was pleased to discover that Enginectra would take care of both mechanical and electrical designs, so he hired Daniel and the team. Not only was Martin happy about the one stop shop solution, the project was completed on time and at a great price. Boom, saving Martin time and energy to focus on his thriving fitness studios.

Cost savings of 35%
“I have nothing but praise for Enginectra. I really enjoyed working with Daniel and his team. They exceeded my expectations. The team was professional, easy to communicate with, and super efficient. Will definitely work with these guys again!”
Martin Venneri
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