Park Avenue Furniture
Calgary, AB
Over the past 46 years, Park Avenue Furniture Group has produced under multiple mattress and furniture brands in Canada. They’ve sold throughout Canada and the United States. As well, a new venture to produce and distribute wholesale springs and materials to mattress manufacturers across North America is ongoing.
400,000 sqft
Enginectra Services
Fire Alarm Design and Emergency Lighting Design

The Challenge

The team at Park Avenue Furniture needed to update the drawings for their fire alarm systems to include new tenancy considerations and a new fire control system.

Our Solution

Enignectra toured the 400,000 sq ft facility and updated drawings and zones while also creating the same cross reference for the Fire Control system. With such a large building size, the team successfully upgraded the entire fire alarm system to accommodate the new tenants.

Designs delivered 50% faster
The Enginectra team was professional and did the job as per plan.
Alykhan Sunderji
Vice President at Park Avenue Furniture
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