Prolific Sports House
Calgary, Alberta
Owner Dave Singleton, aka “Coach Dave” played varsity basketball and joined the NBA team in Morocco, Africa. One day, he realized his true passion was to help kids develop their basketball skills and turn them into little basketball stars. So he started a training program in Calgary that grew quickly through word of mouth. Before he knew it, Dave had a full time business and so he started his own company: Prolific Sports House. His mission is to help elevate any child or adult with an athletic goal and a will to do whatever it takes to get better.
~30,000 Square Feet
Enginectra Services
Mechanical and Electrical designs for the rec facility

The Challenge

Dave needed mechanical and electrical engineering for his sports training facility- featuring basketball/volleyball courts, cardio/fitness area, large relaxing viewing areas, entertainment for the kids, and an elite sports performance training area. As with any entrepreneur, Dave was on a time crunch and the rent clock was ticking. He needed the job done quick while keeping the costs reasonable.

Our Solution

Enginectra met with Dave, showed him what services were available and within a week the drawings were completed and delivered. Enginectra went above and beyond to find cost savings in the mechanical and electrical components. Dave was blown away by the speed, transparency and reliability of the service.

Design savings of 40%. Construction savings of 25%. Enginectra developed the designs in 1 week. Competitors quoted 3-4 weeks.
I definitely appreciate Daniel and his team. These guys are true professionals, hands on, very quick to respond, cost-effective, and worked closely with me to complete the job!
Dave Singleton
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