Daniel Delgado, P.Eng.


Daniel is an entrepreneurial engineer and the founder of two businesses: Enginectra and TradeSpace, Canada’s first co-warehousing space and community. His team would describe Daniel as passionate, chatty, brilliant and highly ambitious.

Avenue magazine just named him Top 40 under 40 in November 2020 and he is humbly honoured. Daniel graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela and specializes in power and electrical systems.

Personal Touch

Daniel is a married man with two rambunctious kids, a 1 year old and a 4 year old. You’ll find these kids on the back of Daniel and his wife when they go for family hikes, is there a better way to stay fit and explore nature?

He loves to travel with his family, explore new cultures and spend time outdoors. Daniel also enjoys a good book on start-ups, business, and technology.

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