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Welcome to Enginectra, where we're all about cultivating innovation and flexibility in the engineering industry. Our approach to bringing on board licensed engineers is a blend of individual freedom and the backing of a dedicated team. This way, our licensed engineers get to spread their wings while seamlessly being part of the Enginectra team.

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Your Platform for Continuous Development

Enginectra is more than a workplace; it's a platform for your continuous growth and development. We're passionate about what we do, and we seamlessly integrate our personal and professional lives to find profound meaning and joy in our mission. Dive into a vibrant learning culture, contribute to the development of groundbreaking project delivery, and chart your path to leadership roles. At Enginectra, we believe in fostering innovation, creativity, and a thriving environment where every team member can learn, grow, and thrive.

The Engineer

We prioritize our clients and engineers equally so that everyone achieves exceptional results together. Engineers provide expertise for meaningful projects and we ensure that clients receive the best engineering experience available. Most projects are for small-to-midsize firms, ensuring you earn more from a high volume of quick-turnaround projects. While you engineer, we're at your side keeping projects flowing smoothly -- coordinating with clients, doing QA and most importantly, getting you more projects!

Your Dream Engineering Career is Here

Exciting projects, higher pay, flexible scheduling and leadership opportunities. These are a few of the advantages that Enginectra's unique model offers. How do we pay engineers more while allowing them to work on their own schedule? Well, by not being a traditional firm; We're doing things differently and better.

Dream engineer career

Key Features


Independence with Support

Feel the freedom! Our licensed engineers get to flex their mechanical and electrical engineering expertise independently. But don't worry, they also soak up all the support, resources, and collaborative culture that make Enginectra special. This means all you do is engineering -- we do the rest: billing, coordination, sales, marketing and just about anything else.

Clear operations

Clear Operating Agreements

We're all about keeping things crystal clear. Each licensed engineer has a straightforward operating agreement that spells out everything about their relationship with Enginectra. We're talking responsibilities, compensation, liability, negotiations, sales and marketing.


Client Engagement Process

Working with our licensed engineers is a breeze for clients because we make sure everything runs smoothly. Whether they're part of an Enginectra-initiated project or bringing their own clients on board, we make sure our engineers are fully supported in delivering top-notch service.

Professional development

Professional Development

We're big on growth! Ongoing professional development is not just encouraged; it's a part of our DNA. Our licensed engineers are champions of the highest professional standards and are always up-to-date with the latest and greatest industry practices. Between working on challenging projects, making connections in our engineer network and leadership mentoring, professional development is built into Enginectra’s culture.


Collaboration Tools & Communication

No outdated tools here! We equip our team with the latest communication and project management tools. It's all about making sure our licensed engineers and the wider Enginectra team collaborate seamlessly.

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How It Works

Curious about our process?  Enginectra follows a carefully crafted approach to bring licensed engineers on board. After applying, we'll reach out to learn more about your engineering expertise, arrange an interview and gather necessary documentation. We adhere to the highest industry standards to create an environment where engineers thrive by delivering exceptional value to our clients.

Key Benefits for Engineers


Execute projects your way with clear quality and regulatory standards provided by us. You do the engineering while we make your projects run smoothly.


Access to a network of experienced professionals (i: we’re growing and partnering with hundreds of engineers, architects, builders and business owners who you’ll have direct access to)


Enjoy leading professional growth opportunities. You'll progressively do more complex projects that expand your skill set and mentorship and vast institutional knowledge will be at your disposal.

Simplify & Specialize

Only focus on great engineering – Enginectra handles the rest: we find your next project, find new clients, manage client relationships and everything else

Superior Compensation

Earn more, faster: Our industry-leading profit margins mean we pay you more for your time than traditional firms. Beyond your salary, you’ll get profit-sharing bonuses!


Work from wherever you want -- we're fully remote! We know that great work can happen anywhere.

Meaningful Work

Work on quick-turnaround projects and see your engineering directly impact the construction process. Our diverse projects help you showcase your excellence and build your reputation.

Freedom of Choice

Choose the projects you would like to work on: select ones that best match your skills and specialize and diversify your portfolio with a consistent selection of quality projects

Career Advancement

Reach your career goals faster with our brand: whether you want to build your own renowned practice or just earn great money, you'll leverage our reputation to build yours

Ready to be Your Own Boss?

Tired of working for someone else or being a lone wolf? At Enginectra, we believe in empowering our licensed engineers to take charge of their careers. Become your own boss while enjoying the support and camaraderie of the Enginectra community.

Ready to explore opportunities at Enginectra? Contact Us and let's chat! We're always on the lookout for talented professionals who share our passion for excellence.

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