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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

HVAC design for building permit
Plumbing design for building permit
Sprinkler design and verification letter
Power systems design
Lighting design
Communication systems design
Security and access control design

Fire Alarm Design and Verification

Fire alarm layout for new buildings, renovations or modifications to existing building
Device selection
Fire alarm design review and stamp
Verification of new systems as per CAN/ULC-S537-13
Partial verification of existing systems as per CAN/ULC-S537-13
Fire alarm certificate

What’s the secret?

Well, at Enginectra we have an amazing team of licensed Canadian engineers and senior designers. For every project, we assign one engineer and two designers, which allows us to work smart and work fast. Oh and we have low overhead expenses because we work remotely. All this saves you time and money.


How does it work?

Proposal submission

When you have a project that requires mechanical and electrical engineering or fire alarm design and verification, simply send us the details. We will turn-around a fee proposal in less than 24 hours. We promise.

The right team for your Project

We take the time to understand your project and needs. Then we match the engineer and designers with the right experience and expertise to your project. It’s not rocket science, but the right team will make a world of a difference. Give us a try.

We deliver as promised

Our services are 100% guaranteed. We pay attention to every detail and adhere to your timelines and budget. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Enginectra delivers:




Cost Savings*


Happy Customers

*Depends on the project but on average we’re saving our customers 35% or more on their projects!

Who do we work with?

Busy and honest people like you. Architects, General Contractors, and Business Owners.


What our clients have to say

I have worked on a number of projects with Daniel and the Enginectra team they have been a pleasure to work with. They are always professional and get the job done when it needs to get done. Enginectra is always the most competitive, as my clients are constantly requesting to work with them. It works out great for us because we know Enginectra will always deliver!
Jenn Lau
Owner of LAUD (Lau Architecture and Urban Design)
You can tell Daniel and his team really care and are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. When we brought them on board, they made everything from start to finish a seamless and professional experience. Their friendly, customer-centric approach really made everyone feel like they were a part of the same team. I liked that scheduling meetings didn't seem like an inconvenience and their team was always available!
Brayden Matthews
Area Developer of FreshSlice
I definitely appreciate Daniel and his team. These guys are true professionals, hands on, very quick to respond, cost-effective, and worked closely with me to complete the job!
Dave Singleton
Owner of Prolific Sports House
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