What do you need help with?

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Fire Alarm Design

Fire Alarm Verification

HVAC design for building permit
Plumbing design for building permit
Sprinkler design and verification letter
Power systems design
Lighting design
Communication systems design
Security and access control design
Fire alarm layout for new buildings, renovations or modifications to existing building
Device selection
Fire alarm design review and stamp
Verification of new systems as per CAN/ULC-S537-13
Partial verification of existing systems as per CAN/ULC-S537-13
Fire alarm certificate

What We Offer

Design drawings
Check and stamp drawings
Schematic design
Feasibility study
Cost study
Engineering reports and audits
Project audits and quality assurance

Working together is easy

At Enginectra, every project starts with a conversation. We take the time to understand your business and specific project needs. Then we designate one engineer and two designers as your project team. This is the Enginectra secret sauce, this approach ensures we deliver top quality service efficiently and at a great price. In other words, the most reliable engineering and design at a speed and cost that will tickle your fancy.

One engineer

Our engineers are registered professionals and will be your main point of contact throughout the entire project. Responsible for:

Project coordination
Project review
Field reviews
Providing/Applying a professional engineering seal whenever required
Two designers

Our experienced mechanical designers and electrical designers will roll up their sleeves and get it done. Responsible for:

Working drawings
Construction documents (used for tender and construction projects)
Constructability (evaluating project risks, stakeholders and design simplicity, and construction cost in order to provide the best recommendation)
Meet the team

We'll help you coordinate

With any building project, there’s always someone to call and another to loop in. As your engineering and design partner, we can help coordinate these relationships to make your life easier. Rest assured, we always have your requirements, budget and schedule in mind because that’s just what we do. We will happily coordinate with:

Regulatory bodies
Cities or municipalities
Interior designers

We only get paid if you are 100% satisfied

One more thing, all of our services are 100% guaranteed because we are so confident that you’ll be happy with our engineering teams. When we submit our fee proposal to you, we will include the deadlines and specific deliverables. If we don't meet them, we don't get paid. It is as simple as that.

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