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We are seeking a university/college student to join Enginectra’s growing technology team as a software development intern to help produce features for our two core web applications. Our apps automate the full lifecycle of mechanical and electrical engineering projects to deliver engineering solutions faster, cheaper and better. As our business has grown and app usage has increased, the backlog of features has grown faster than we can develop them. In this role you’ll work with the lead developer and talented designers to extend the functionality of these applications. As a team we’ll collaborate on development planning and testing while you individually plan and complete specific development tasks. These tasks will involve programming on the back and front ends of the applications.

This is a perfect opportunity for a computer science student to get full stack programming experience in a startup environment. Beyond sharpening your programming skills and knowledge of different stacks, you’ll learn invaluable product management skills for making software that people actually use.

Job Title: Junior Full stack Software Developer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop features for Enginectra’s web platforms that are assigned to you.

a. determine the best way to implement a feature (which technologies to use in implementation both from our current tech stack and new technologies)

b. use Scrum to plan the development steps for a feature.

  • Coordinate with CapsulaCorp’s Design Team to develop web interfaces and designs your features rely on

a. write source code that implements the feature.

  • including integrating with third party apps and APIs as you deem necessary.
  • including creating modular components of a feature that work with components programmed by someone else.

a.  do the above tasks independently for the most part (the development team will give guidance on product requirements and there will be frequent (scheduled) meetings to discuss development issues/progress but you are expected to be self-sufficient with making your code work and meeting feature requirements).

  • Test features you have helped developed.

a. Unit testing.

b. Integration testing.

c .End-to-end testing.

Education, Skills & Knowledge:

1. Minimum Skills:
  • Write working and efficient programs for the FRONTEND of web applications in the functional and imperative programming paradigms using JAVASCRIPT - programs for making web pages highly interactive.
  • Write frontend programs for changing the DOM.
  • Write working and efficient programs for the BACKEND of web applications AND server-only applications in the object-oriented programming paradigm using JAVASCRIPT and at least one of: PYTHON, RUBY or GO.
  • Fully implement a web application using one of the following web development frameworks: Ruby on Rails, ExpressJS, NodeJS, Django.
2. Preferred Skills:
  • Experience developing with cloud microservices for applications.
  • Managing version control with git.
  • Using REST apis.
  • Airtable Automations, Airtable Scripting.
3. Minimum Education:
  • Currently enrolled in a post-secondary program focused on computer science OR a certificate for a full stack software development program
4. Preferred Education:
  • In 3rd year of bachelor’s degree for program focused on computer science
  • Major related to algorithms
5. Minimum Experience:
  • Has done a full-stack project where you programmed the major components
  • 8 months or more of active programming experience
6. Preferred Experience:
  • 2+ years of active programming experience
  • Has completed 2 or more full-stack projects where you programmed the major components
7. Attitude:
  • Great at solving problems independently: you’ll sometimes encounter challenges with making code work that require you to debug, experiment and sometimes find workaround solutions on your own
  • Able to transition between independent work and team work
  • Prioritizes the end-user experience above all
  • Enjoys challenges and sees them as opportunities for accomplishing awesome things