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We're currently expanding our remote team at Enginectra and are in search of a skilled individual to fulfill a vital role that merges HVAC and Plumbing Design with Quality Assurance. Our objective is to integrate a team member who not only aligns with the collaborative and ethical standards akin to those at Koch Industries but also excels in both the plumbing and HVAC areas, with a strong capability for providing practical technical solutions.

Important: To ensure your application is properly considered, it is essential to follow our specified application process. As a team of engineers, adherence to guidelines and protocols is fundamental to our work. Please note, any attempts to bypass these instructions by reaching out through alternative methods will unfortunately result in disqualification from the application process.

Who We're Looking For?

  • Team Contribution Motivated: We value individuals who actively contribute to the success of the team, exhibit a high degree of integrity and professionalism, and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a collaborative environment.
  • Talent: We're in search of someone who excels in both plumbing and HVAC design, showcasing an ability to deliver innovative technical solutions and maintain the highest quality standards. You are obsessed with equipment thermodynamics, how to size equipment and always finding the most simple elegant solutions for constructability. Also, you take the price in having clean elegant drawings for contractors to use.

Our Team's Composition (You will wear two hats, some team members might wear up to 3 hats)

Lead Engineer: Manages client relationships and develops sales proposals.

Mechanical Designer: Executes initial design drafting.

Project Coordinator: Ensures smooth communication and coordination for project deliverables.

Mechanical QA Designer: Performs final quality checks and suggests improvements, with a focus on detail and high-quality outputs.

Mechanical Engineer: Takes responsibility for and seals the final designs in Canada.

What You Can Expect:

Joining Enginectra means being part of a dynamic, growing company that embraces a forward-thinking approach to engineering challenges. You'll work on diverse and stimulating projects within a collaborative and supportive environment. We offer competitive compensation, with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 CAD, opportunities for relocation to Canada (yes, we sponsor your relocation), regular performance reviews(with 2-5% salary increase), and a profit-sharing model (10% on the project’s profit *terms apply) that rewards your direct contributions to our projects.

The Process:

Be aware our process is very exhaustive and it could take up to 2 months to be hired full time, we do not do interviews. Our interview will be the work, and real time working with us. 

Phase 1. Screening questions:

  • Can you work in our MST time zone?
  • Have you previously worked with companies based in Canada or the US?
  • Please attach your portfolio with samples of your work.
  • Are you able to perform QA on sample projects?
  • Are you interested in a long-term collaboration with us?
  • Would you consider relocating to Canada in the future?
  • Are you applying to this job as you need extra income?
  • Are you applying to this position because you are looking to become part of a team and cause an impact?
  • Tell  me about your current job? What do you like? What don't you like? 
  • What makes you believe you are team contribution motivated?
  • What makes you believe you have a talent for Mechanical design and quality assurance?

Phase 2. Sample QA Projects: Attached to this email, find a sample QA project. Your review and feedback on this project are crucial for us to assess your QA skills.

This would be at your own time, non-paid. We will be providing you a project that is non-commercial (meaning that we are not monetizing) . We are just trying to evaluate your approach to doing QA. This project should take 2 hours to review, if you think it takes longer certainly this won't be the right position for you.

Phase 3. Design Sample Project: Successful candidates will proceed to a paid design project, allowing us to evaluate your practical design skills in real-world scenarios.

Phase 4. Trial Projects: You'll undertake four paid trial projects, alternating between QA and design roles, offering a comprehensive view of your capabilities.

Phase 5. Full-Time Position Offer: Based on the evaluation of the trial projects, we will extend an offer for a full-time position. Welcome to the team! This is your opportunity to contribute significantly to our growth and success.  Here, you are joining our long term journey, welcome aboard! 

Regarding Project Pricing and Workload for initial for projects (Paid test projects):

Small Projects: Compensation is $150 CAD per drawing package (full project fixed price). This will apply for a QA role or for Design projects you would undertake, with subsequent reviews requiring around 15-20 minutes. The turnaround time is aimed at 12-24 hours for QA and 24-36 hours for Design.

Initial Workload: This is only for the first 4 projects to evaluate if you prove to be a team contribution motivated + have talent on HVAC and plumbing design (as well as navigating codes, vendors, etc).

Building Codes Knowledge: Proficiency with the National Building  Code of Canada and its application across different provinces is crucial.  You must love codes, you do not do anything unless you know where it is located in the code and you do not trust certain decisions until you double check the code. You are a magician to find information on code, can jump from National Building Code to NFPA 33 , NFPA 96 very quickly to find how you can execute a kitchen and a paint booth in the same building and yet ensuring you meet ASHRAE 62 2001 or ASHRAE 62.1 2016.

Real Project Scenarios for Potential Candidates at Enginectra (Team is looking at you to make it happen):

These scenarios reflect the breadth of projects and challenges you might encounter at Enginectra. Working on these diverse projects, you'll leverage your expertise to navigate complexities, apply innovative solutions, and lead projects to success, all while fostering strong, supportive client relationships.

1. Renovation Project: Day Care in an Office Tower

  • Challenge: Transform a 2000 SQFT space in an existing office tower into a daycare. The building has a central Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCUs), with existing bathrooms.
  • Urgency: The team requires completion within 48 hours, necessitating collaboration with our partner production team in Asia.
  • Action Plan:some text
    • Rapid Coordination: Immediately set up a virtual meeting with the Asian production team to discuss timelines and expectations.
    • Equipment Selection & Client Consultation: Quick selection of suitable equipment based on the existing AHU and FCUs, followed by swift client engagement to validate the proposed approach.
    • Efficient Design: Utilize automated design tools and templates to expedite the mechanical design process, ensuring minimal disruption.
  • Outcome: Efficient delivery of a comprehensive mechanical design that meets the daycare's requirements with minimal impact on the building's operations.

2. New Development: 150-Unit Residential Complex

  • Challenge: Create HVAC and plumbing systems from scratch for a 150-unit complex, adhering to diverse provincial codes. Requires REVIT proficiency and a nuanced understanding of cost-effective solutions.
  • Urgency: Completion requested in 2 weeks, working alongside our partner production team in Asia.
  • Action Plan:some text
    • Strategic Planning: Develop a project timeline with milestones for both the local and Asian teams, ensuring synchronized efforts.
    • Client Engagement & Equipment Selection: Direct consultation with the client regarding budgetary constraints and system preferences, parallel to selecting the most cost-efficient equipment.
    • Collaborative Design: Leverage REVIT capabilities for collaborative real-time design with the Asian team, ensuring adherence to codes and client requirements.
  • Outcome: A cost-effective, optimized HVAC and plumbing design tailored to the 150-unit complex's specific needs and code requirements.

3. New Venture: Multi-Unit Retail/Industrial CRUs

  • Challenge: Guide a client through the mechanical design process for developing 16 CRUs, requiring adept project leadership and mechanical systems knowledge.
  • Urgency: Aim to finalize designs within 1 week, coordinating closely with the Asian production team.
  • Action Plan:some text
    • Immediate Direction: Provide clear, actionable steps to both the in-house and Asian teams, focusing on quick wins and efficient design processes.
    • Client Collaboration: Engage with the client for rapid feedback loops on design preferences, ensuring their vision is accurately translated into the mechanical designs.
    • Supporting Electrical Team: Identify potential overlaps with electrical requirements early on; offer streamlined solutions that can accelerate their progress, possibly through shared utility pathways or integrated design sessions.
  • Outcome: Delivery of mechanical designs that fulfill the operational needs of the CRUs while fostering client confidence and project success.

What do we expect?

Enginectra's projects demand not only technical excellence but also an agile mindset capable of navigating tight deadlines and coordinating across time zones. Candidates should be prepared to:

  • Work efficiently under pressure, leveraging global teams.
  • Make decisive equipment and design choices quickly, with a keen eye on both quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Communicate effectively with clients and internal teams, ensuring clarity and alignment on project goals and specifications.
  • Assist cross-disciplinary teams, offering solutions that help overcome delays and maintain project momentum.

What does a day (or evening) In Enginectra look like for you?

Imagine stepping into a role where every day is a blend of challenge, innovation, and collaboration. At Enginectra, we're not just building a team; we're cultivating an environment where your talent in mechanical design and quality assurance not only thrives but also contributes significantly to our journey of growth and excellence. Here's what a day in your life could look like:

8:00 AM MST - Starting Your Day with Insight:

Your day begins at 8 AM on Slack, where the pulse of Enginectra's projects beats. As you sip your morning (or evening)  coffee (we work in multiple time zones), you browse through updates from teammates across different time zones. Deadlines for the day and week are laid out, and you catch up on any overnight developments. You're fully integrated into the workflow from the moment you log on, equipped to tackle the day's challenges head-on.

Morning Hustle:

With a deadline looming in just three hours and tasks still on the table, you dive straight into completing a critical design. Mid-flow, a notification pings from the project coordinator about a client's need to update specifications. Your instincts kick in:

  • You swiftly review the National Building Code of Canada and other relevant codes to ensure compliance.
  • Encountering an equipment fit issue, you resist the urge to immediately consult the lead engineer, opting instead to independently seek a solution. Your resourcefulness leads you to consult suppliers and leverage online resources, showcasing your problem-solving prowess.
  • With a solution in hand, you adeptly update the drawings, offering simple yet effective solutions to the team, providing clear directions to navigate the project forward seamlessly.

Afternoon Achievement:

By the day's end, not only have you met the immediate deadline, but you've also managed to approve several shop drawings and respond to client inquiries effectively. The satisfaction of accomplishing the day's goal is palpable, enhanced by your contribution to advancing multiple projects.

Looking Ahead:

A new project on the horizon catches your attention. You proactively compile a list of questions and considerations, ready to discuss them with the team. This initiative exemplifies your forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence.

Reflecting on Success:

As the week concludes, you've successfully navigated through three design projects and three QA reviews, generating substantial billable work. The prospect of a well-deserved raise looms on the horizon, a testament to your hard work and value to the team.

Beyond the Workday:

While the official workday might have ended, your commitment to staying ahead and contributing to the team's success encourages you to spend some extra time planning and preparing for what's next. Your ambition is not just to participate but to lead, aspiring to guide a team of 50 designers, fostering a culture of technical excellence and pragmatic solutions that resonate with our clients.

Tomorrow's Promise:

Looking forward to the 9 AM company-wide meeting tomorrow, you're eager to hear about updates from across the departments, including advancements in our technology. It's this continuous learning and growth opportunity that excites you most about being part of Enginectra, a place where your contributions are recognized, and your career can flourish in an environment committed to making a meaningful impact.

We're looking for someone eager to grow with us and contribute to our long-term vision. If this opportunity excites you and you meet the criteria outlined above, we'd love to hear from you.

We look forward to potentially welcoming you to the Enginectra team and embarking on this exciting journey together.

Our Vision for the Future:

At Enginectra, we're not just working towards immediate goals; we're looking to make a significant impact in the long term. In 4-5 years, we aim to achieve greatness, whether that means selling the company, owning it together, or sharing the profits. While we may not have all the answers now, our direction is clear—we want to reach remarkable heights.

Our culture is built on the belief that ordinary people, when driven by dedication, hard work, and a motivation to contribute, can achieve the extraordinary. We're looking for team members who are excited by the prospect of tackling big challenges, growing with us, and making a tangible difference in the world.


As you consider joining the Enginectra team, it's crucial to set the right expectations about what this journey entails. Here's a candid look at what to expect, capturing the essence of our work culture and the path ahead:

  • Is it really easy for someone just trying to do an 8 to 5? No. The nature of our work, driven by deadlines and innovation, often extends beyond conventional work hours. We're in pursuit of excellence, which sometimes means stepping outside the standard workday to meet our goals.
  • Is it hard? Yes. The challenges we face are complex, requiring a blend of technical skill, creativity, and perseverance. You'll be tasked with solving problems that are intricate and demanding, pushing you to leverage your full potential.
  • Would it be frustrating? Yes. In the pursuit of innovation and perfection, there will be moments of frustration. Projects may not always go as planned, and solutions may not be immediately apparent. However, it's through these challenges that we grow and learn.
  • Would you grow? Absolutely. Enginectra is a place where personal and professional growth is not just encouraged—it's inevitable. You'll be exposed to a wide array of projects, technologies, and ideas that will push your boundaries and expand your expertise.
  • Would you feel valuable? Absolutely. Every team member's contribution is vital to our collective success. We recognize and celebrate the unique talents and efforts of our team, ensuring that you feel appreciated and integral to our mission.

If you're ready to embark on this journey, to push beyond the comfortable, to strive for excellence, and to be part of a team achieving unimaginable things, Enginectra is the place for you. Together, we'll navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and perhaps most importantly, grow and succeed as a unified team dedicated to making an impact.