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Introducing Enginectra's On Demand Engineering Packages

Engineering On Demand, for a Fixed Price

At Enginectra, we grasp the diverse requirements of our clients within the mechanical and electrical engineering domain. We're excited to introduce our tailored packages, meticulously crafted to address the distinct needs of diverse projects. These packages prioritize precision, affordability, and promptness, offering the fastest delivery options for our clients' convenience. Featuring fixed pricing, our packages not only cater to specific project types but also prioritize swift delivery, ensuring that your engineering solutions seamlessly align with your project timelines.

What are Packages for?

Our Packages Accelerate Construction. In as little as 1 week, our Packages get you Drawings for:

Development Permit
Local approval for construction, ensuring zoning compliance.
Building Permit
Local Approval for Construction, ensuring Building Code and Safety Compliance.
Landlord Approval
Owner's Consent for tenant construction as per lease terms, ensuring Landlord cooperation.
Blueprint Concept
Detailed plans guiding construction projects precisely.
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Perfectly tailored  for Spaces up to 5,000 SQFT

Coffee shop
Single-Tenant Renovations
  • Commercial
  • Office
  • Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Warehouse
Building with blue sky
Multi-Tenant Renovations | Multi-Tenant New Builds
  • Multi-Residential
  • Mixed-Use
Commercial Retail Unit Renovations | Commercial Retail Unit New Builds
  • Warehouse bays
  • Multi-Tenant Retail
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

5,000 SQFT Packages

Calendar with number 3
Week delivery
Comprehensive Solutions in 3 Weeks

Our 3 Week Package offers a well-rounded approach to engineering excellence. Tailored for clients with more flexible project timelines, this package accommodates single-tenant renovations, multi-tenant projects, and commercial retail unit endeavors. With a full set of engineering drawings, transparent fixed pricing, and a guaranteed delivery within three weeks, it strikes a balance between precision and comprehensive design.

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Calendar with number 2
Week delivery
Timely Excellence with the 2 Week Package

Balancing urgency with excellence, our 2 Week Package caters to clients seeking prompt engineering solutions within a slightly extended timeframe. Ideal for various project types, including single-tenant renovations, multi-tenant endeavors, and commercial retail units, this package ensures a comprehensive set of engineering drawings, cost-effective fixed pricing, and a guaranteed delivery within two weeks.

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Calendar with number 1
Week delivery
Swift Solutions with the 1 Week Package

For those with urgent timelines, our 1 Week Package is crafted to provide swift and precise engineering solutions. Whether you are embarking on a single-tenant renovation, multi-tenant project, or commercial retail endeavor, this package guarantees a full set of engineering drawings, transparent fixed pricing, and a rapid, guaranteed delivery within one week.

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Custom Packages

Have a larger project that needs a Flexible Timeline and Fixed Price? We have the solution! Crafted to accommodate the intricacies of more complex projects, our Custom Packages provide timeline flexibility, and deliver specialized, high-quality results for a simple fixed price

Key Features

Timeline Customization

Adjust the delivery timeline to meet the unique needs of your project. Our Custom Package offers the flexibility required for larger and more intricate endeavors.

Specialized Deliverables

Tailored to your project's specific requirements, this package provides specialized deliverables that align seamlessly with the complexity of larger-scale projects.

Professional Drawings

Benefit from professional drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer, ensuring precision, compliance, and adherence to industry standards.

Fair, Fixed Pricing

You get a Fair, Fixed price right from the start so you can focus on your project's success. We offer a variety of payment terms to suit your budget.

Perfectly Tailored for Larger Projects

Custom Package
Best Suited For Your Larger Projects

Projects larger than 5,000 square feet benefit significantly from the Custom Engineering Package. If you require a personalized approach, timeline flexibility, and specialized engineering expertise, this package is designed to meet your unique project demands

Enginectra's Custom Engineering Package reflects our commitment to providing tailored solutions that align precisely with your project's scope, ensuring success on a larger scale. Contact our team to discuss your project requirements and explore how our Custom Package can elevate your engineering experience.

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Your Trusted Partner

At Enginectra, our commitment goes beyond just providing engineering solutions; we aim to be your trusted partner in success. Explore our packages, each a testament to our dedication to pragmatic design, cost-efficiency, and exceptional customer care. Choose the package that aligns with your project's needs, and let Enginectra be the driving force behind your construction success.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What distinguishes Enginectra's custom-tailored packages from standard engineering services?

Our packages are specifically designed to offer precision, affordability, and promptness, with fixed pricing and a focus on rapid delivery.


How do I determine which delivery timeline suits my project best among the 1 Week, 2 Week, and 3 Week Packages?

Consider the urgency of your project. The 1 Week Package is for the fastest delivery, while the 3 Week Package allows more flexibility.


Can I customize a package based on my project's unique requirements?

Absolutely! Our team can work with you to tailor a package that aligns perfectly with your specific project needs.


Are the fixed prices in the packages inclusive of all engineering services and drawings?

Yes, the fixed pricing covers the entire scope of engineering services, including a full set of drawings tailored to your project.


Are there additional costs or hidden fees beyond the fixed pricing in the packages?

No, our fixed pricing is transparent, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Can Enginectra handle both HVAC and Plumbing requirements for a project?

Yes, Enginectra offers comprehensive services in both HVAC and Plumbing Design &
Consulting. Our clients can opt for either discipline individually or a combined service
package, depending on their project needs.

Can Enginectra handle both HVAC and Plumbing requirements for a project?

Yes, Enginectra offers comprehensive services in both HVAC and Plumbing Design &
Consulting. Our clients can opt for either discipline individually or a combined service
package, depending on their project needs.