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Electrical Engineering Professional Services Oshawa, Ontario

Electrical drawings for building permit approval focused on renovations.

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Our Team: Electrical Engineering Consultants, Power Engineers & Lighting Design Engineers

Enginectra's Engineering Team, consisting of expert Electrical Engineers, has a proven record of excellence in providing mechanical engineering consulting for Power and Lighting systems. Through hundreds of successful projects and numerous collaborations with architects, developers, and owners, we have optimized mechanical system designs to ensure the success of construction projects. Our Senior M&E Engineers are dedicated to providing practical, client-centric solutions that align with business objectives, emphasizing cost-efficiency and rapid delivery in Power consulting and Lighting engineering

Our expert team of engineers specializes in comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering consulting for buildings, showcasing a proven track record of excellence in successful projects. Collaborating seamlessly with architects, developers, and owners, our team optimizes system designs to ensure the success of construction projects....Read More

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Daniel Delgado Mechanical Engineer

Daniel Delgado

Principal Engineer, P.Eng

Sutha Paramalingam

Sutha Paramalingam

Principal Engineer, P.Eng

Ashutosh S Mishra Mechanical Designer

Ashutosh S Mishra

Mechanical Designer

Team member

José Alirio Cardoza

Electrical Designer

Team member

Manoj Butola

Mechanical BIM Designer

Practical Engineering, Aligned with Your Vision.

Transparent Pricing

Reflecting our commitment to honest and fair partnerships.

Effortless Approvals

We navigate complexities, so you can focus on project goals.

Optimized Design

Expert Electrical Engineering solutions reflecting your unique requirements.

Faster Completion

Engineering is done on your timeline with rush options always available.

Our Services

fire alarm blue overlayelectrical-engineering-design-services

Security Systems Design

Monitoring Systems (e.g. CCTV), Access Control Systems and Intrusion Detection Systems


Fire Alarm Design

Our code-compliant designs accommodate the combination of initiation devices, notification devices and control panel types that meet your requirements.

Our Electrical Design Expertise in

Oshawa, Ontario


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Why Us

Speed and Efficiency

On-time completion without compromise - aligned with your project timelines.

Experience & Credibility

Proven track record with major construction companies, fostering enduring partnerships.

Expert Team

Professional engineers and designers working in synergy, dedicated to your enduring success.

Leveraging Technology

Investment in technology to enhance team productivity, streamline coordination, and set apart from traditional consulting firms.

Long-Term Partnership Focus

Dedicated to building enduring partnerships, aiming to be the go-to partner for real estate development and business real estate expansion.

Design Summary and Alignment

Balancing functionality, code compliance, and financial practicality with a comprehensive design summary to achieve full alignment with clients' and projects' objectives.

Collaborative Excellence

Actively collaborating with a network of suppliers and contractors, engaging closely with architects, designers, vendors, contractors, owners, and regulatory authorities

Unmatched Customer Service

Customer service excellence at the core, backed by operations structured around dedicated project engineering specialists.

On Demand Engineering

Discover Enginectra's On Demand Engineering Packages, offering fixed-price solutions tailored for projects up to 5,000 square feet. With delivery times as rapid as one week, our packages cover everything from development permits to detailed blueprint concepts, catering to single-tenant renovations, multi-tenant projects, and commercial retail endeavors.

For small projects (5,000 SQFT or less)

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'Smaller Project' Packages are available for projects meeting these requirements:
  • Building Size is less than 5,000 SQFT
  • Building Type is commercial (Retail, Office, Medical, Restaurant, Warehouse, etc.)
  • Building Tenancy is single- Construction Type is a renovation (not a new build)


Week delivery

Quality drawings delivered on time in less than a month

Completed in 3 weeks.

Includes coordination with your contractors, architects and AHJ.

Professional Drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.

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Week delivery

Get sealed drawings faster without compromising on quality.

Completed in 2 weeks.

Best for fast-pace projects seeking quicker turnaround

Professional Drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.

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Week delivery

When urgency and quality are top priorities.

Completed in 1 week.

Your drawings are given top priority by our team – urgent projects are our specialty.

Professional Drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.

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For large projects (5,000 SQFT or more)

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'Larger Project' Packages are best for ANY of the following types of projects:
  • Building Size is more than 5,000 SQFT
  • Building Tenancy is Multi-Tenant (e.g. Multi-Residential, Mixed Use)
  • Building Type is Commercial Retail Unit (including Multi-Tenant Retail, Multi-Tenant Commerical)
  • Building Type is Industrial (e.g. Warehouse Bay)


Need to customize your timeline?

Have a larger project? This option accommodates more complex projects requiring timeline flexibility and specialized deliverables.

Delivered on your timeline.

Professional Drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.

End-to-end management of engineering work.

Best for: projects larger than 5,000 SQFT.

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What our clients say

"Enginectra is setting a new benchmark for engineering firms, especially in terms of flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients. As good as instant service & responsiveness from helpful support staff as well as from the engineering team. Enginectra always delivers in a pinch."

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Father and Son

Jordan Christensen

Encore Electrical Services Inc.

“Engineering firms can take months to reply but I know I can get answers from Enginectra within minutes. This has proven to be very beneficial for our clients.”

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Shane Normore

PDS Fire Protection Inc.

I have worked on a number of projects with Enginectra, and they have been a pleasure to work with. They are always professional and get the job done when it needs to get done. Enginectra is always the most competitive, as my clients are constantly requesting to work with them. It works out great for us because we know Enginectra will always deliver!

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Jenn Lau

Owner of LAUD (Lau Architecture and Urban Design)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Enginectra charge a fixed fee or hourly rate for electrical projects?

At Enginectra, we operate on a fixed-fee basis for all our electrical projects, ensuring transparency and clear understanding of costs from the start.

Can Enginectra handle both Mechanical and Electrical requirements for a project?

Yes, Enginectra offers comprehensive services in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consulting. Clients can choose individual disciplines or a combined service package based on project needs.

In what geographical areas does Enginectra operate?

Currently, Enginectra is licensed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

How fast could my electrical projects be completed?

For projects under 5,000 SQFT, we offer the following options for project completion time:

  • 1 Week or less (Priority Service)
  • 2 Weeks (Expedited Service)
  • 3 Weeks (Standard Service)
  • Custom: You choose the exact timeline

For projects larger than 5,000 SQFT, we create a custom timeline depending on the exact size and complexity of the project.
No matter the size or complexity of your project, we guarantee on time delivery

Can Enginectra help me with Architectural, Structural, and other consulting services?

While Enginectra does not directly offer Architectural, Structural, or related consulting services, we can connect you with our trusted network of professional associates, providing comprehensive support for all project needs.

Is Enginectra licensed and certified to provide mechanical & electrical engineering services?

Yes, Enginectra's team of engineers and designers are licensed and certified professionals with expertise in mechanical engineering and relevant industry standards.

How can I request a quote for my project?

You can easily get a quote by using the "Get A Quote" option on the landing page. Simply provide some details about your project, and Enginectra will provide you with a fixed price.

What sets Enginectra's services apart?

Enginectra guarantees unbeatable on-time delivery and emphasizes a client-centric approach. Our seamless collaboration platform, expert team, and commitment to quality are also notable features.

Can Enginectra help with building permit approvals?

Yes, Enginectra's services include hassle-free approvals, ensuring that your HVAC and plumbing designs meet industry standards and building codes for permit approval.

What is the online collaboration platform?

Enginectra's online platform facilitates seamless collaboration between clients and the design team. It ensures effective communication and real-time updates throughout the project. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers has an in-depth understanding of industry standards and building codes. We incorporate this knowledge into our designs, ensuring that they meet all requirements for compliance. This saves our clients time and hassle by ensuring their HVAC, plumbing, power and lightning designs are compliant and approved for building permits.

Can Enginectra assist with custom design requirements?

Absolutely, Enginectra tailors its services to meet your unique needs. Whether you have specific design requirements, need to comply with regulations, or require assistance in achieving safety certifications, they have the expertise to deliver.