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Enginectra has been honored with the responsibility of providing premier mechanical engineering services for Hot Yoga Inc.'s newest establishment at 4030 University Ave SW. Our objective is to create a practical HVAC system that mirrors Hot Yoga Inc.'s dedication to sustainability while offering the ideal setting for hot yoga enthusiasts.


Our goal is to craft an HVAC system that not only meets industry standards but also reflects Hot Yoga Inc.'s dedication to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient space. By prioritizing sustainability and performance, we aim to enhance the yoga studio's appeal while ensuring the well-being of its patrons.

Project Context:

Hot Yoga Inc.'s new location marks an exciting expansion, bringing hot yoga classes to 4030 University Ave SW. With the unique requirements of hot yoga in mind, our task is to engineer an HVAC system capable of maintaining precise temperature and humidity levels essential for this practice. As part of the building permit application, our designs will undergo rigorous scrutiny to meet regulatory standards and local codes.

Scope of Work:

Our scope encompasses a thorough assessment of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning needs specific to the yoga studio environment. Collaborating closely with Hot Yoga Inc., we'll tailor the HVAC system to optimize indoor air quality and user comfort. Through meticulous planning and design, we'll ensure seamless integration with the studio's aesthetic and functional requirements.


Our deliverables will include comprehensive HVAC drawings essential for the building permit application. Additionally, we'll provide detailed documentation outlining maintenance procedures and operational guidelines, setting the foundation for long-term system efficiency and reliability.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Hot Yoga Inc. underscores Enginectra's unwavering commitment to supporting the Calgary business community. We take pride in contributing our expertise to local ventures like Hot Yoga Inc., ensuring their success while fostering economic growth and vitality within our city.

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