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Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents

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The primary aim of this project is to facilitate the successful attainment of a business permit for Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents. By leveraging our expertise in mechanical engineering and municipal code compliance, our team will ensure that the facility meets all necessary mechanical requirements mandated by the City of Calgary. This involves a meticulous review of existing mechanical systems, including ventilation, air quality, and HVAC, to rectify any deficiencies and expedite the permit application process.

Project Context:

  • Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents, a company specializing in custom stair nosings and vents, is seeking a business permit from the City of Calgary. However, to meet the city's stringent regulations, professional assistance is required to ensure compliance with mechanical system standards. Enginectra has been enlisted to provide expert advice and services for navigating these regulatory aspects. With our experience and understanding of commercial properties, we are well-equipped to support the company in this endeavor.

Scope of Work:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing mechanical systems at Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents.
  • Assess ventilation, air quality, and HVAC systems to ensure compliance with City of Calgary regulations.
  • Identify and rectify any potential deficiencies in the mechanical systems to meet safety code requirements.
  • Prepare and submit necessary documentation to the City of Calgary as part of the business permit application process.


The key deliverable for this project will be HVAC drawings addressing any deficiencies identified by the City of Calgary's safety code officer. These drawings will ensure that Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents meets all mechanical requirements necessary for obtaining the business permit.


In conclusion, Enginectra is committed to ensuring the successful acquisition of the business permit for Calgary Custom Stair Nosings and Vents. Our team's dedication to excellence and thorough understanding of municipal regulations will streamline the permit application process and provide peace of mind to our client. By delivering high-quality mechanical engineering solutions, we aim to contribute to the company's growth and success in the Calgary business community.

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