Social Beer Haus
Calgary, AB
Social Beer Haus is a small family-run business that puts their community first. Creating jobs, partnering with local charities and sourcing from Alberta suppliers is in their DNA. Their signature flavours take after Southern Smoke Texas-style BBQ and they carry an array of craft beer and whiskey.
Over 16,000 sqft.
Enginectra Services
Mechanical and Electrical Designs

The Challenge

The historical building itself posed the biggest challenge for Enginectra and Urbanopia. Due to the age of the building, there were no drawings or documents on record and many issues simply arose because of the structure. Urbanopia needed an engineering team with strong problem solving skills and great teamwork to overcome these issues.

Our Solution

After collaborating on many projects together, Urbanopia contacted Daniel to join the Social Beer Haus project. Without old building documentation, the Enginectra team resourcefully went on-site and drew everything they needed by hand to get started. Even through the rough start, Enginectra still found cost effective ways to deploy an engineering solution for the client. This is still an ongoing project and is expected to be completed sometime this year in 2021.

Efficient work allowed for invaluable time savings.
The Enginectra team is very prompt and always has specific scheduling so you know exactly when something is going to be delivered. Our ongoing clients have asked to work with Daniel and his team again. I'm happy to continue our collaboration.
Owner of Urbanopia
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