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Poppy Barley

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Enginectra is proud to be the engineering force behind multiple Poppy Barley retail spaces throughout Canada. Our team of Mechanical and Electrical engineers has seamlessly integrated mechanical and electrical solutions to enhance the functionality and ambiance of Poppy Barley's stores.

Our role goes beyond the technical aspects – we've optimized mechanical systems and crafted tailored electrical setups to contribute to the unique atmosphere of each retail space. With a shared commitment to excellence, our collaboration reflects a client-centric approach, ensuring that our engineering solutions not only meet but exceed expectations.

In every project, we've aimed for a subtle yet impactful presence, where our engineering expertise enhances the operational efficiency of Poppy Barley's stores without overshadowing their distinctive style. This is a testament to our shared values and a commitment to creating retail spaces that seamlessly blend engineering precision with the unique character of Poppy Barley.

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