The Bike Shop
Calgary, Alberta
The Bike Shop has been a staple in the downtown Calgary cycling scene for over 45 years, with its first store opening in 1972 right off the Beltline. With three convenient locations in Calgary, The Bike Shop serves the commuters, road, tri, mountain and any other cyclists in-between.
20,000 Square Feet
Enginectra Services
Mechanical and Electrical design, Early value engineering, Sourcing of cost-effective suppliers.

The Challenge

Mint Projects, the general contractor in charge of the design and construction for The Bike Shop building, required a champion engineering team to work with on the design-build project. A team that could retrofit a building, working within the confines of the current structure to bring to life a beautiful and spacious bike shop. The vision was glorious! Getting everything to function properly was tedious. The contractor, owner and Enginectra worked together closely to complete the project.

Our Solution

Mint Projects hired Enginectra for The Bike Shop project to implement a value engineering approach by recommending cost-effective solutions without sacrificing functionality. Collaboration across the teams was imperative, a willingness to troubleshoot problems and open communication kept the project running smoothly, like a well lubricated bike chain. The design-build method allowed for one entity, one contract, and one unified flow of work from initial concept through completion. With this approach, Enginectra and Mint Projects were able to deliver faster and on budget building. In fact, the M&E designs were submitted in half the time. If this project was a bike race, the entire team deserved a gold medal.

Compared to traditional engineering firms, Enginectra delivered the project requirements 50% faster.
What stood out about Enginectra was their ability to troubleshoot quickly and prevent the project from slowing down when issues arised. Their team was nimble, professional and easy to work with - which was important for us for the client. What a successful and seamless project!
Jordan Tetreau
General Contractor
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