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Brentwood - HomeSense

Renovations or Tenant Improvements
Mechanical & Electrical Contractors

The HomeSense Interior Tenant Improvement (TI) project aims to deliver comprehensive M&E services, including the development of base building drawings and specifications for sprinkler system modifications. With a focus on timely and accurate execution, our team will collaborate closely with stakeholders to meet all project requirements and deadlines.


The primary objective of this project is to provide M&E services tailored to the specific needs of the HomeSense TI. This includes creating detailed notes and specifications to guide the General Contractor (GC) in modifying the existing sprinkler system. Our goal is to ensure all deliverables are completed on time and to the highest standards, facilitating a seamless transition through various project phases.

Project Highlights:

  • Base Building Drawings: Delivery of base building drawings within a 6-week timeframe, ready for submittal to TJX.
  • Demo Permit Drawing Set: Creation and delivery of a demo permit drawing set within 2 weeks, aligning with a safe 6-week demo permit turnaround expectation with the City.
  • Interior Fit-Up Drawings: Development of 100% preliminary fit-up drawings, including M&E, within a 4-week period from the completion of required Architectural drawings (partition plan, furniture layout, RCP, and store program).
  • Building Permit Set for TI: Starting the BP set for the TI on June 10, with a 2-week turnaround, contingent on the completion of Architectural drawings.
  • Construction Schedule Optimization: Evaluation of potential time savings in the construction schedule by completing BB work sooner, with insights provided on reducing the overall 20-week construction timeline.


Our team's dedication to precision and collaboration ensures the successful execution of the HomeSense Interior Tenant Improvement project. By delivering tailored M&E services and adhering to all regulatory standards, we aim to meet and exceed client expectations. This project underscores our commitment to excellence and our role as reliable partners in engineering design, supporting the growth and innovation of the Calgary business community.

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