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The Urban Painter Campus

Renovations or Tenant Improvements
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The Urban Painter Campus has undergone a transformative renovation and enhancement facilitated by comprehensive engineering design services provided by Enginectra. With meticulous planning, precise execution, and close collaboration with stakeholders, our team successfully delivered superior engineering solutions that met the specific needs of the project.


The primary objective of this project was to provide engineering design services tailored to the unique requirements of the Urban Painter Campus. Our goal was to ensure that all specifications were met with precision and expertise, facilitating a seamless transition towards renovation and enhancement. We were committed to delivering a design that complied with all necessary standards and regulations, playing a critical role in the building permit application process.

Key Achievements:

  • Developed HVAC, Plumbing, Power, and Lighting drawings customized to the specific needs of the project.
  • Conducted a comprehensive site visit to complete as-built for demo set, ensuring accuracy in implementation.
  • Coordinated effectively with the paint booth vendor to integrate necessary design elements seamlessly.
  • Provided detailed schedules and documentation to support the permit application process.
  • Completed the project within the designated timeline of 4 weeks, meeting all client expectations and requirements.


Enginectra's commitment to excellence and tailored engineering solutions has successfully brought the Urban Painter Campus project to fruition. By ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and fostering effective collaboration, we've transformed the vision into reality. As dedicated partners in engineering design, we continue to support the Calgary business community, contributing to growth and innovation in our city.

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