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SLS Centre

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The SLC Centre project focused on a comprehensive analysis of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, with particular emphasis on the Central Office and PlayCare area. These zones lacked proper zoning, presenting specific challenges that needed to be addressed. Additionally, attention was directed towards resolving issues with the exhaust fan in the Central Office washroom pair, which lacked proper exhaust, leading to odor problems in the main corridor. Our primary objectives were to identify and rectify systemic inefficiencies to improve overall performance, reliability, and safety.

Key Objectives:

  • Rigorous Analysis: Our team conducted a thorough examination of the HVAC system within the specified areas to identify any existing inefficiencies or deficiencies.
  • Zoning Solutions: Sophisticated zoning solutions were devised to optimize ventilation and airflow in the Central Office and PlayCare area, addressing the lack of proper zoning.
  • Exhaust Fan Enhancement: Attention was given to resolving issues with the exhaust fan in the Central Office washroom pair to eliminate odor problems in the main corridor.
  • Performance Improvement: Our focus was on enhancing the overall performance, reliability, and safety of the HVAC system through strategic interventions and enhancements.

Project Approach:

  • Systematic Analysis: The HVAC system was systematically assessed to pinpoint both latent and overt inefficiencies, utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and techniques.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored solutions were developed to address the specific challenges identified, ensuring optimal performance and functionality.
  • Collaboration: We worked closely with stakeholders to understand their requirements and concerns, fostering a collaborative approach to problem-solving.
  • Implementation: Upon identification of solutions, our team oversaw the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to operations.


By addressing the systemic inefficiencies within the HVAC system and implementing sophisticated solutions, we significantly enhanced the performance, reliability, and safety of the SLC Centre. Our comprehensive approach ensured that the designated areas were adequately ventilated, odor issues were mitigated, and overall occupant comfort and well-being were improved.

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