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MAK-FX Fire Alarm Design and Verification

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Our objective was to overhaul and upgrade the fire alarm system in an older building located in Vulcan, Alberta. With recent renovations transitioning the building towards residential use, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants was paramount. We were committed to delivering a high-quality, reliable fire alarm system that met all safety standards and requirements.

Scope of Work:

Electrical Engineering:

1. Initial Site Visit and As-Built Survey:

Our team conducted a thorough initial site visit to assess the building's layout and existing infrastructure. Detailed as-built surveys were performed to gather comprehensive information about the building's electrical systems and any existing fire alarm equipment.

2. Fire Alarm System Design:

Based on the site assessment and survey findings, our expert engineers designed a customized fire alarm system tailored to the unique needs and layout of the building. This design considered factors such as building size, occupancy type, and safety requirements to ensure optimal functionality and reliability.

3. Installation of the Fire Alarm System:

Following the design phase, our skilled technicians proceeded with the installation of the fire alarm system. This comprehensive installation process included the placement of fire alarm devices, wiring, and integration with existing electrical systems. Our team ensured that all installation work was carried out with precision and attention to detail.

4. Thorough Testing and Verification:

After completing the installation, our team conducted thorough testing and verification of the fire alarm system. This rigorous testing process was essential to ensure that the system functioned correctly and met all safety standards and regulatory requirements. We meticulously checked all components and functionality to guarantee the system's reliability and effectiveness in case of an emergency.

5. Issuance of Fire Alarm Certificate:

Upon successful verification and testing, we provided a Fire Alarm Certificate certifying that the system was fully operational and compliant with all safety standards. This certificate served as official documentation of the system's readiness and ensured regulatory compliance for residential occupancy.


With our comprehensive approach to the fire alarm system overhaul and upgrade, we provided peace of mind for building occupants and met all regulatory requirements for residential use. Our experienced team delivered a high-quality, reliable fire alarm system that prioritized safety and security.

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