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New 9 unit complex for residential occupancy

Multi Family and Mixed Use
Mechanical & Electrical Contractors


The objective of this project was to provide comprehensive mechanical and electrical engineering design services for a new nine-unit residential complex. The project aimed to secure a building permit for construction. The design focused on efficiency and sustainability while ensuring the safety and comfort of future occupants.

Project Context:

The project site was located at 1924 26a St Sw Calgary, AB T3E 2B8, in a thriving residential area. The proposed nine-unit complex added to the housing options of the vicinity, potentially attracting more residents to the region. The complexity of the task required meticulous planning and precise execution, challenges that we were well-equipped to undertake.

Details of the Project:

  • Architectural (Electrical): Provided new lighting layout specifications to be incorporated into engineering drawings for permit and landlord approval.
  • Architectural (Mechanical): Provided reflected ceiling plans and plumbing fixtures locations as required.
  • Design was carried out using the most recent architectural layout file provided on 31 October 2023.

Scope of Work:

The scope of work involved the comprehensive design of HVAC, plumbing, power, and lighting systems. Our team of engineers then provided detailed drawings and design specifications in coordination with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors.


By providing meticulous planning, precise execution, and innovative solutions, we ensured that the project met all regulatory requirements, secured the necessary building permits, and ultimately contributed to the expansion of housing options in the thriving residential area.

Our expertise in designing efficient and sustainable HVAC, plumbing, power, and lighting systems not only enhanced the safety and comfort of future occupants but also showcased our commitment to excellence in engineering. By delivering detailed drawings and design specifications, we facilitated seamless coordination with electrical, plumbing, and HVAC contractors, streamlining the construction process and ensuring the successful implementation of our designs.

Overall, our contribution to this project not only met the client's objectives but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the community by providing quality living spaces and contributing to the region's growth and development.

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