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BC Home Drafting and Consulting, has engaged our services for a mechanical engineering project in downtown Vancouver, BC. The project entails the installation of drain and water lines for a new coffee/gelato/ice cream store.

The primary objectives within the mechanical scope include:

  • Removal of a washroom on the mezzanine level.
  • Installation of an accessible washroom on the main floor.
  • Addition of water and drain lines for the espresso machine.
  • Installation of a mop sink in the employee room.

Notably, the building's construction is predominantly wood, with the coffee shop situated above the Commodore Ballroom and beneath a bowling alley. To facilitate the plumbing work, access will be granted by the bowling alley, though precise plumbing locations remain uncertain due to the building's age. Consequently, assumptions regarding plumbing locations will be made, with consideration given to obtaining a permit from the City of Vancouver.

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