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Grand Oaks Mixed Use

Multi Family and Mixed Use
Mechanical & Electrical Contractors

Project Focus:

Our engagement with this project underscores our dedication to delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of rental properties. By prioritizing the rental market, we've ensured that every aspect of the project is designed to maximize immediate rental success while also enhancing long-term value for our clients.

Energy Efficiency Integration:

Incorporating our expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering, we've implemented energy-efficient HVAC and plumbing systems throughout the property. These systems not only adhere to stringent code compliance but also play a pivotal role in fostering sustainable living environments, aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Tenant Comfort Customization:

Each residential unit is equipped with individual HVAC units, providing tenants with personalized climate control options for their utmost comfort and satisfaction. This tailored approach to tenant comfort enhances the overall livability of the property, contributing to tenant retention and satisfaction.

Cost-Effective Solutions Selection:

With a keen awareness of budget constraints, we've curated a selection of durable yet cost-effective HVAC and plumbing technologies. This strategic approach ensures minimal upfront costs for our clients while maintaining the quality and reliability of the systems installed.

Future-Ready Design:

Anticipating the evolving needs of commercial tenants, we've incorporated rough-ins for electrical and plumbing in the commercial units. This forward-thinking design feature allows for future customization and adaptation, empowering tenants to tailor their spaces according to their unique business requirements.

Enhanced Tenant Experience:

To streamline the tenant experience, each residential unit is equipped with washer and dryer installations. This added convenience enhances the desirability of the property, attracting and retaining quality tenants over the long term.

Simplicity in Functionality:

Our design philosophy prioritizes practicality and functionality, reflected in the selection of simple lighting controls and durable fixtures and fittings. This straightforward approach ensures ease of maintenance and operation, minimizing disruptions for both tenants and property owners.

Transparent Utility Management:

To promote responsible resource usage and foster a sense of community, separate meters for water and electricity are installed in each unit. This transparent billing system empowers tenants to monitor their consumption and encourages accountability in resource usage.

Balcony Safety Measures:

In line with safety standards and simplicity in design, gas lines for BBQs are omitted from the balconies. This decision enhances tenant safety and reduces potential hazards, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outdoor living space for all residents.

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