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Princeton Multiresidential

Multi Family and Mixed Use
Mechanical & Electrical Contractors
Dualita Architecture


Discover a modern living experience at upcoming multifamily complex in Princeton, BC. With 42 studios, 53 one-bedroom, and 55 two-bedroom units across five floors, our design caters to diverse lifestyles. Embodying contemporary living without compromise, this project reflects Enginectra's commitment to innovative and sustainable residential spaces.

Mechanical System Evaluation:

​Initiating with a rigorous examination, we meticulously evaluate potential mechanical systems, weighing their efficiency, sustainability, and adaptability to the specific needs of the complex. Through benchmarking against industry standards and future-proofing considerations, our goal is not just immediate functionality but long-term efficiency.

Vendor Cost Analysis:

​From an extensive pool of vendors, we selectively shortlist those with proven track records, positive client feedback, and competitive pricing. Our negotiation process, including comparative analysis, ensures that the chosen vendors align with our commitment to quality and cost-effectiveness.

NECB Baseline Surpassing Simulations:

​Utilizing advanced simulation tools, we go beyond meeting the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB) baseline. Scenario analysis under different conditions and an iterative refinement process guarantee that our final system is optimized for performance, energy efficiency, and longevity.

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